Discuss, using examples the positive and negative impacts of applications of recent developments in science

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Positive impact: Recent advances, both in microbiology and molecular biology have opened up new areas where micro-organisms can be exploited for production of industrially important biochemicals including enzymes. This has led to an industrial revolution and a number of biotechnology companies have come into existence. In chemical industry biotechnology has made it possible to produce produce proteins, polysaccharides, organic acids, bio-solvents and bio-detergents using micro-organisms. Genetic engineering has also opened up a very promising new area of production of alternative sources of renewable energy.

Negative impact: The opponents of human cloning are, however, of the view that the use of terms like"therapeutic cloning" and "reproductive cloning" yields only confusion and merely depicts the intention for their ultimate use. They consider that all forms of human cloning are unnecessary and immoral and have raised many ethical, religious, social, legal and biological issues pertaining to human cloning.

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