What were the consequences of the Trojan War?

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The original question had to be pared down.  I invite you to resubmit the separate questions individually.  I think that one of the consequences of the Trojan War was to clearly establish the roots of Rome.  The escape of Aeneas from a Troy under siege, burning under the torches of the Greeks, helps to establish the basis for Rome.  The Roman mythology is only possible through the consequences of the Trojan War.  The ending of the Trojan War, one in which the city of Troy was under full and total attack enables some of the Trojan citizens to escape.  Aeneas was one of them and his founding of Rome is a direct result of the war's consequences.  I would also suggest that one of the earliest display at the horrors of war is evident in the consequences of the Trojan War.  While I think that war is seen as a Classical given, I believe that the ending of the war displays this in full force.  The Trojan Horse that enables the Greeks to enter the city helps to bring out the true horror of war.  The moments in which the savagery of war are on display is one of the consequences of the Trojan War.  This is not an honorable end to war, but rather one in which the brutality of war is on display.

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