Discuss three ways that Hammerabi's laws are similar to ours

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways that Hammurabi's laws are similar to our and other legal systems.  First, both sets of laws were written so everybody knew what the laws were.  Hammurabi's laws were a change from previous systems where laws weren't published.  Second, the laws could not be easily changed. Third, everybody had to follow laws, including the leaders of the government. One of the goals of both sets of laws was to protect the rights of the common people and to give poorer people a more level playing field. The idea that one is innocent until proven guilty was established by the laws of Hammurabi. That, of course, is a key tenet of our legal system. Some religious legal systems also based some of their principles on the laws of Hammurabi. While there were some aspects of the laws of Hammurabi which are no longer used today, there are many parts which formed the basis of our and other legal systems.

norahill1 | Student

The Code of Hammurabi covered crimes, farming, business activities, marriage and family. The Code of Hammurabi is similar to our laws as that they are both written down and explains various aspects of life and have consequences and punishments for each law.

The Code of Hammurabi, was written and posted that so that everyone was able to view them and understand the punishments for the laws. Similar to how our laws are documented and are able to be read in a book, or online.

The Code of Hammurabi laws brought order and justice to society, just as our laws establish justice for us.