Discuss Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe as a postcolonial novel.

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Chinua Achebe provides the perspectives of numerous Igbo people during a period when British interests—in business, government, and religion—were challenging traditional social structures. As he shows how the cracks in Igbo society widened, he offers a critical view of European colonial domination. At the same time, he suggests that previous social problems existed and that such problems provided reasons for some Igbo people to see the colonizers’ innovations as beneficial.

The break from traditional religion through Nwoye’s adoption of Christianity while his father is in exile is one feature. He also shows that the British interests included internal conflicts, such as through the missionaries’ different approaches to proselytizing, thus showing some of the complexities of the colonial project.

Achebe wrote Things Fall Apar t not only long after the events depicted in the novel but also after Nigeria achieved independence and ended British colonial control. From this point of...

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