Discuss the themes of "Romanticism of war" and "Romanticism of love" in Arms and the Man.

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Raina embodies this topic, with her idealized perception of her fiance, Sergius, who is an officer leading a battle in Bulgaria. Raina sees Sergius as a sort of prince charming, knight in a shining armour courageously defeating the masses. She even looks down on Bluntschli at first for his unwillingness to die and his fear of battle. Yet, she hides him and ends up falling in love with him.

All these elements make war look like a place where love stories can develop, or a topic which can branch out into some hot romantic situation, yet, not long after this play World War I occurred and for the first time people were able to see that being a soldier, being in fear of dying, and the bloodshed of war were not topics of which one can make a playful story out of.

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