Discuss theme of time and lost youth in relation to Alma in Summer and Smoke.

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Alma can embody the theme of time and lost youth in a couple of distinct ways.  One particular way she represents this theme is in her primary motivation.  In the exposition of her characterization , Alma recognizes that there is something more to being in the world.  She recognizes that part of the essence of consciousness is to use time to comprehend something more profound,“something that goes on and on when life and death and everything else is all through with.”  Alma sees the Gothic Cathedral as representing “the everlasting struggle and aspiration for more than our human limits have placed in our reach" and the drive to grasp this transcendent notion is “the principle back of existence.”  Alma configures time as the need to understand that which lies the physical.  In stark contrast to John, who is bound by the physicality, Alma seeks to embody her...

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