Discuss the theme of racism based on stigmas and stereotypes in the novel Second-Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta.

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Adah has always dreamed of one day going to England. Indeed, it is the pinnacle of her ambition. But when she sets foot in the country as a teen bride, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Far from the fairytale land of Adah's imaginings, England is a place where dark-skinned people are unwelcome. Legal discrimination is everywhere; property-owners will openly refuse to let their houses to those from Africa and the Caribbean. Adah even wishes that she and Francis could paint their faces white until they finally manage to find a place to live.

Even after Adah finds a job at the library, she's made to feel inferior by her co-workers. By constantly talking of boyfriends and clothes, they are setting themselves apart from the newcomer, who comes from a completely different culture, where such topics of conversation are not considered acceptable for a young lady.

A further example of racial prejudice comes when Adah tries to become a babysitter. She quickly realizes that British people...

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