Discuss the theme of love as you like it.

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There is much to say about love from the point of view of literature. One of the great themes of literature is love. Perhaps the best known book in the world is the Bible. One of the major themes is love. 1 Corinthians 13 is a stirring description of love. I highly suggest reading it.

If we take a step back and try to define love from the Bible. A good working definition can be love is sacrificial and forgiving. In other words, when we truly love our love is not about us, but sacrificial. Moreover, in the context of true love, there is forgiveness. The last point is important to emphasize, because no one is perfect. We all fail and hence we will need to forgive one another. When we do this we show love and the outcome can be more love as the one who is forgiven may love you in return.

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