How does Changez's quote of "I am a lover of America" reflect his identity?

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Changez's quote ties into his identity because the quote reflects a complex relationship with America.  This condition is similar to his own identity.  Changez's idea of being a "lover" of America is more complex than if he were to say that he simply "loved" America.  A "lover" involves more than one feeling and often, they are complex and intricate ones.  In this, Changez is able to speak for a condition that is reflective of his own identity.  Who he is represents the essence of complexity.  Throughout the narrative and at the end of it, one is not entirely sure that Changez is known.  He can be seen one way in a reading and then appear to be another in an alternate reading.  He is complex and his identity is far from clear.  All that is known is that there are some fairly strong emotions about America and his place regarding it.  In the same way, being a "lover" of America reflects that there is love, but there is also rejection, hurt, and betrayal.  A "lover" is one who still loves but knows a darker side to it.  This can be seen as reflective of Changez's identity as being immersed in the same condition.  Like much in Hamid's work, such a characterization is reflective of so much intricacy in Changez's identity.