Discuss the theme of deception in literature.

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It is probably best to start at the beginning when are going to talk about deception in literature. Fortunately for us, we can a start at the beginning of Western literature with the works of Homer.

The first and the most famous example of deception was the Trojan horse. This was how the Greeks won the Trojan war. Odysseus, who is often described by Homer as a man of many wiles thought of this deception to get inside the wall of Troy.

He made it appear that the Greek finally had enough of the fighting and left back to Greece. All that was left was a huge wooden horse before Troy, which the Trojans unwisely brought into their city. Inside the horse were the Greeks, who eventually came out to cause the downfall of Troy.

As we follow the life of Odysseus further in Homer's Odyssey, we see more deception. It was through his many disguises, trickery, and cunning that he was able to overcome many odds - Cyclopes, the suitors, and many more.

In light of all of these points, we can say that Homer introduced the idea of deception into Western literature.

I will attach Homer's Odyssey. It is worth taking a look at the theme of deception.

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