Discuss the theme of appearance vs. reality in Romeo and Juliet.Discuss the theme of appearance vs. reality in Romeo and Juliet.

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Often the way we think things are is not necessarily reality. The same could be said for the characters in "Romeo and Juliet." For instance, it would appear that Juliet has no other options when her father tries to force her to marry Paris. She is already married to Romeo. Her confidant, the nurse, says she should remarry. Her mother and father have turned their backs on her until she marries Paris. Since Juliet is too young to support herself, it would appear that her only option is suicide. The reality of the matter is very different than the appearance. Juliet could have simply run off to Mantu and lived happily ever after with Romeo. Her father wouldn't come looking for her or try to harm Romeo since he had turned his back on her. Romeo would be able to support her from his home in exile. This play contains multiple other examples of this type of appearance verses reality.

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