Discuss the theme of paralysis in the short story "A Painful Case" in Dubliners by James Joyce.

The theme of paralysis in "A Painful Case" is shown through Mr. Duffy, who leads an orderly, sterile life. His meeting with Mrs. Sinico seems to have the potential to galvanize him into action, but instead he retreats from her and makes an intellectual commitment to the paralysis that has always been habitual with him.

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James Joyce's short story, "A Painful Case," relates Mr. Duffy's paralysis in his relationship with Mrs. Sinico and in his life generally. Before meeting Mrs. Sinico, he has a perfectly orderly existence, and has settled into a routine which is its own form of paralysis, repeating the same movements in the same places, eating the same meals in the same restaurants every day.

It is an effort for Mr. Duffy to further his relationship with Mrs. Sinico at all, even though it is an...

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