Discuss the theme of paralysis in the short story "Eveline" in Dubliners by James Joyce.

The theme of paralysis is central to the short story "Eveline" in Dubliners. Eveline procrastinates leaving home, and when she reaches the quayside and sees the boat that she is paralyzed, feeling that she cannot take another step without being sucked into the sea. At this moment, all her doubts and fears about starting a new life crystalize into panic-stricken paralysis.

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Paralysis is a central theme of "Eveline." At the beginning of the story, the protagonist sits at home, observing and reminiscing, preparing to leave. Even as she thinks about her departure, she weighs it in her mind, dwelling on all the risks and disadvantages, imagining what people will say when she has gone. When she tries to focus on her new life in Argentina, her reflections have an unreal quality, since she knows nothing of the country. She simply imagines the kind of life she would like, in...

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