Discuss the supernatural element in "Fritz."

The supernatural element in “Fritz” relates to the Swiss doll coming to life the year after it had been destroyed. Jayanto is adamant that Fritz walked across his chest while he was asleep. When Jayanto and his friend Shankar dig up the grave where the doll was buried, they are shocked to discover a pure white skeleton exactly the same size as Fritz.

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The two friends, Jayanto and Shankar, are staying at a guest house, where Jayanto had previously stayed as a child. At dinner, Jayanto tells Shankar about a one-foot doll called Fritz he’d once owned as a child. The toy had been brought back from Switzerland by Jayanto’s uncle, and the boy quickly became attached to it.

However, one day the doll was mutilated by a pair of stray dogs, and a devastated Jayanto buried the remnants of the doll beneath a deodar tree not far from where he and Shankar are now staying.

Later that night, Jayanto wakes up with a start, claiming that Fritz the doll has come to life and walked across his chest. Shankar is understandably skeptical; he thinks that Jayanto’s just had a bad dream.

But Jayanto is insistent that his boyhood toy has come to life. The next day he and Shankar dig beneath the tree where Fritz is buried, and are shocked to discover a 12-inch white skeleton, exactly the same size as Fritz. The story thus ends on a note of supernatural perplexity.

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