The Lion and the Jewel Questions and Answers
by Wole Soyinka

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Discuss the stylistic devices used by Wole Soyinka in The Lion and the Jewel.

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In the play, Wole Soyinka uses Western theatrical conventions and includes traditional Nigerian elements of poetry, music, and dance. The play is a one-act play with three scenes. Each corresponds to a time of day. Soyinka wrote it in English.

One important aspect of the style is humor. The characters behave in ways that the audience will find humorous, but they also see humor in their situations as they make fun of each other.

In addition to these characters, additional performers appear on the stage. They act out various characters, such as the schoolchildren in the classroom, but they also perform mimes, such as when several of them create the image of a car. The marriage at the end features an elaborate Yoruba dance.

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