Discuss the relevance of Animal Farm in the 21st century.

Animal Farm is relevant in the 21st century because George Orwell provides insights into the corrupting influence of power and the dangers of disseminating misinformation through propaganda. The allegorical novel helps readers understand the importance of checks and balances in government and the importance of freedom of speech and a free press.

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Animal Farm is eerily relevant to the twenty-first century. In this moral fable, Orwell shows that ordinary citizens in any nation-state need to be ever vigilant to make sure that an authoritarian leader does not seize control of their government. Orwell aimed his work at critiquing the totalitarian dictatorships of Nazi Germany and especially Stalinist Russia, but his ideas can be universally applied to any authoritarian regime.

Orwell shows that Napoleon and his small, elite cadre of fellow pigs, along with the dogs (who represents the use of violence to protect elite privilege) have employed two main methods to consolidate and maintain power. One, as mentioned above, is establishing a police state to quell dissent. The second and possibly even more dangerous weapon the pigs use is propaganda. Propaganda involves twisting the truth or using outright lies to promote your own group's advantage. With Squealer as his spokesperson or spokespig, Napoleon twists the truth to be self serving. For...

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