Discuss the paralells between Hedda Gabbler by Ibsen to A Simple Heart by Flaubert.

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Hedda and Félicité (the protagonist from A Simple Heart) at first glance seem to be very different. Félicité is the faithful servant who lives a long life, finding happiness in the connections she is able to make with the family of her employer and, in the end, with a pet parrot. Hedda, on the other hand, is aristocratic, bored, and a kind of agent of chaos, able to discern the insecurities and weakness in the people around her and play them off one another for amusement. Whereas Félicité is blameless, Hedda is riddled with guilt; Félicité dies peacefully, while Hedda shoots herself.

What these two protagonists have in common, however, is the problem of being female in a patriarchal world. Félicité's one chance at independence centered around her early romance with Theodore, who leaves her for a wealthier woman. Hedda manages to marry her man, but her life of ease is not satisfying. Hedda's idleness stands in contrast to Félicité's work ethic; it's possible to read Ibsen's play...

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