Discuss the motivations of poets and dramatists.

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When it comes to literature, one of the best dramatists and poets to write about is the famed William Shakespeare. His literary work consists mostly of plays and sonnets, and he's one of the most influential writers of all time.

An important thing to mention is that Shakespeare was mainly motivated and inspired by history, as well as ancient Greek and Roman literature and mythology. His works often include characters like royals and/or notable historical figures like Julius Caesar or Richard III, and his fictional characters were often based on real characters he met in real life. Shakespeare was a very keen observer, meaning he observed both the people around him and his environment. He thus created characters that remain relatable, as he presented human struggles and masterfully captured the essence of real, raw emotion.

You can also mention the fact that Shakespeare often incorporated legends and myths, as well as the mystical and the supernatural, into his work. Supernatural beings—fairies, witches, ghosts, and the like—appear in some of his most famous plays.

Finally, Shakespeare was a great fan of the medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer and used many of Chaucer's poems as inspiration. He also followed the work of his contemporary Christopher Marlowe.

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