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Discuss the importance of anthropology with relative examples in our societies today.

Anthropology is the study of mankind, and its importance for mankind is evident. One controversial example of its application in society today is the involvement of anthropologists in military, nation-building, and counterterrorism efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. However one may feel about this use of anthropology, it is a clear illustration of its utility in helping people from different backgrounds to understand each other better.

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Since anthropology is the study of mankind, it is clearly important that human beings should study a subject so all-encompassing from our own perspective. Anthropology is more vaguely defined than most fields of study. In the seventeenth century, it was generally held to include anatomy and psychology, and even today, there is some controversy over whether archaeology should be regarded as a branch of anthropology. Moreover, even the generally agreed gambit of anthropology is vast, including such areas as social, cultural, linguistic, political and biological anthropology.

One of the major controversies surrounding anthropology in recent decades—though ethical issues along the same lines have been raised at least since the First World War—is the involvement of anthropologists in military campaigns and subsequent nation-building or counterterrorism efforts. Teams of anthropologists work with the US army in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They help senior officers attain some cultural...

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