Discuss the impact of the expansion of the Roman Empire on Roman society and culture. Why was it historically significant?

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By conquering and colonizing the entire Mediterranean and much of the continent of Europe, the Roman Empire became a multicultural nation. While the Romans eagerly spread their culture to the far corners of their dominion, they also accepted, tolerated, and even adopted many cultural elements of the peoples throughout their far-flung territory. This is most obviously the case with Greece, which Rome conquered in mid-second century BCE. As Horace put it, "Conquered Greece took captive her savage conqueror and brought her arts into rustic Latium." That is to say that Rome quickly Hellenized after acquiring Greece and adopted many of its practices, styles, and customs.

This cosmopolitan approach happened to a certain extent with the other cultures that were brought within the Empire. Within the city of Rome temples to non-Latin religions could regularly be found. The cuisines of many other people were eaten and exotic ingredients were regularly imported. Dozens of languages could be heard...

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