Discuss the following quote: "All educational questions are ultimately questions of philosophy."

This quote is stating that educational questions are philosophical questions because they attempt to impart a thorough understanding of human nature and the nature of the universe.

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This is an interesting concept. Educational and philosophical questions both attempt to get at a more complete understanding of human nature and the universe. Consider that the specific aim of education is to inform people of facets and concepts related to many topics. This can be anything from social sciences, biology, the humanities, language, the arts, mathematics, religion, or even philosophy itself. An educational question serves the purpose of getting at the larger truth of any topic. They often go beyond mere fact and deal with the larger meaning and significance of things. This is also the purpose of philosophy. However, properly and effectively understanding questions related to any topic requires the critical thinking skills that are developed through education.

The quotation in your question was first said by the sociologist J. S. Ross. He considered education and philosophy to be two very interconnected disciplines. For Ross, philosophy is the act of considering and contemplating an issue or question. Education is how we actively seek out the answers to our questions and act upon our findings and conclusions. In other words, philosophical inquiry leads to educational action. When seen this way, education is how we as educators impart the skills necessary to consider philosophical topics.

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