Discuss the target audience for Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper.

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great praise for this book emanates from many a ninth grader who has read it because it touches them emotionally as they tend to identify with characters in the novel..  Draper's Tears of a Tiger is the first book of the powerful Hazelwood High trilogy.  It is the poignant story of Andy Jackson who crashes the car he drives after he has been drinking; unfortunately, in this crash, his best friend Robbie, and captain of the basketball team, dies.

The realism of this accident and the accompanying guilt that Andy feels makes it an interesting narrative for teens.  In addition, it is a worthwhile book for ninth-graders to read as they think about earning their drivers' licenses.  It is also effective as a reminder of the potential for injury when teens drink and drive as many high schools have lost members of the graduating clash shortly before the ceremony, or shortly thereafter.