discuss the strategics that can be employed to resolve behavioural conflics.

jameepeyton | Student


To resolve behavioral conflicts, many factors will come into play.  This question might be easier to answer if related specifically to a situation, age group, or behavior.  However, generally speaking you must first determine what the cause of the conflict is.  A behavioral conflict at any age is very likely to have been something less than obvious, especially when it comes to children.  The conflict has usually presented itself through irrational behavior because it is difficult to talk about or express through logical means.  If the true reason can be determined; then you have a great starting place for resolution.

Once you have discovered the underlying reason for the conflict, it must be acknowledged.  If the issue is felt by the individual to have been acknowledged and heard, you have now opened the door to reason.  Once the door to communication has been opened; you are already achieving a certain level of resolving the conflict which began with behavior, but has now transitioned into positive communication.

With communication you can provide a great number of ideas, or promote the individual to provide their own ideas (this will be more effective) to rationally decide different options to dealing with the conflict.  This also allows you to provide a different perspective on the issue which in many cases can go unnoticed in the initial situation.

Communication is definitely the key to dealing with behavioral conflict.  The most difficult part sometimes is identifying the underlying cause for the behavior.  However once this has been acknowledged, the chances increase greatly for more appropriate resolution.