Discuss the steps that can be taken by the management to cope with stress.

Expert Answers
clamo88 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Answers to this will likely fall into a few categories.  General solutions may include referrals to counseling.  Management can provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that help employees deal with stress and other emotional issues that interfere with their lives and job performance.  Note that EAPs can help employees cope with job-related and personal stress.

Stress that comes from outside the job may include family, neighborhood, politics, illness, or other issues that have nothing to do with the work place.  Management can provide referrals to EAPs or external counseling, but needs to be careful that documented job performance issues are the reason for such a referral.  Proactive measures can be helpful, such as distributing or posting articles or links (see first link below) that discuss some of the issues that induce stress and how to cope with it.

Stress that comes from the job itself -- pace too fast, volume too high, poor supervision, having to deal with angry or abusive customers, coworkers, or others, or any combination of that -- requires that management examine the job and job environment and provide appropriate resources that make these less stressful.  Solutions for job-related stressors may include job redesign, shifting personnel into different positions, job training, coping skills training, counseling, and more.

Locus of control (links below) has been shown to correlate with job design and performance.  Employees who believe they have some control over their work environment appear to suffer from less work-related stress than employees who believe they have no control.  Some organizations include lower-level employees in decision-making around work place issues to provide a stronger internal locus of control.