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Discuss the status of the poor, homeless and AIDS victims during the 1980’s. How did the government respond to the needs of each of these groups? This is an essay that I need to write that is due May 3 and any help on it would be greatly appreciated. I'm having trouble finding a lot of information on this topic. you can e-mail it to me if you woukd like its heardofcows@gmail.com thanks.

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In the end, Reagan's programs helped to lift much of America out of the crippling economic challenges of the 1970s.  Yet, there is significant analysis that does suggest that Reagan's programs did not reach all level of the social order at the time.  As the previous post mentioned, this is a fairly partisan issue.  Yet, I think that the categories mentioned can be acceptable grounds upon which to analyze the President's legislation.  The poor and the the homeless were groups of people that were not the direct recipients of Reaganomics policies that placed a great deal of faith...

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