Discuss Soraya's  rage at her culture's double standard in regard to the treatment of women in The Kite Runner.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Soraya demonstrates much in way of courage regarding how she views her culture's views of women.  When her father discourages her from teaching, presumably because it is the sign of a women working and because of its low pay, she indicates to him that it is her choice and it is what she wishes to do. At the same time, she is courageous enough to accept that the affair with the man in Virginia was a mistake and endures the gossip of the Afghan community in the process.  Yet, this feeds what can be considered at the rage towards the culture.  Soraya's actions are fodder for gossip, even though she is married in a traditional manner, and is a dutiful wife to Amir and honorable daughter- in- law to Baba.  Soraya represents the double standard for while her transgressions might not have been good, they were minor in comparison to Baba's sins of withholding the relationship between Hassan and Amir.  The reality is that women are condemned for the same behavior upon which men are silently critiqued, if anything is said at all.  While she reflects anger at her community for the manner in which women are treated, Soraya does not miss a beat in fulfilling her duty and obligation in being a women, according to her culture.

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