Discuss the society of 1984, with all of the techniques for propaganda and manipulation, and speculate on Winston's life. To what extent does he exist? To what extent is he existence proof of a society that has perfected it's own claims

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One of the strange things about the society, which in many ways mimics that of the communist bloc, is the very clear distinction between party members and the proles, this always striking class difference in a style of government that is supposed to eliminate those class differences.  The party maintains this order forcefully and by creating a clear difference in privilege and lifestyle between the inner party, the rest of the party, and the proles.

Another striking aspect of the society is the implication that they may very well be bombing their own people in order to maintain this sense of constant war and hate for whichever enemy they are currently at war with.  Because everything is couched in a state of crisis, the people appear to be mollified to an extent, at least enough that they do not rise up against the incredibly difficult circumstances in which they live.

If you believe Descarte, Winston exists because he is contemplating his existence constantly, his origin and the current purpose.  He may in fact be an example for society perfecting its claims on people because in the end, he appears to be filled only with regret that he ever thought he was different, that he could ever try to resist the overwhelming power of the party.

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