Discuss the similarity and difference between Wordsworth & Coleridge as Romantic poets. Please take excerpts from The Prelude, Kubla Khan, and Dejection.

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The youthful Wordsworth and Coleridge were alike in being radical critics of the social order. Both wanted to write a new form of poetry which was not based on classical literature, rationality, and rhyming couplets. They wanted to compose poems that reflected, in direct, passionate language, feelings and situations not normally depicted in eighteenth century verse. For these reasons, they collaborated on the ground-breaking Lyrical Ballads. All three of the poems discussed below are alike in their direct in depiction of the poet's emotions. Each also represents a shift in language from the even, measured prose of neoclassical poems.

The differences between Wordsworth and Coleridge are summed up by Coleridge in chapter 14 of his Biographia Literaria:

My endeavors would be directed to persons and characters supernatural—Mr. Wordsworth, on the other hand, was . . . to give charm of novelty to things of everyday.

This can be seen in the three poems mentioned. First, in "Dejection an...

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