Discuss similarities & differences between a passage from the Koran, an example of Arabic Literature, & 1 Anedcodotes and Sayings of Saadi.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is fairly intense.  There is no honest way I can see this being done on enotes because it is driven by personal reflection and choice.  That is to say that each of the three domains are so broad and so powerful that what might be appealing and resonate with one thinker might not be the same for the next.  When one has to survey the holiest of texts in Islamic literature, as well as identify an example from a spectrum as rich as Arabic literature, the identification of the Saadi saying might be the easiest of the options, and that is not that easy.  I think that you might have to make some critical choices here.  The most fundamental level would have to reside in what passage of the Koran would be something that resonates the most?  What can you find that speaks in a broad enough sense to you as well as identifying something in it that can be applicable to other broad sensibilities to be found in other works?  This might be the most difficult of realms.  Once this is done, the next challenging element would be the selection of "Arabic Literature."  Determining if you want to select a modern example of it or something in the Classical sense might be another challenge here.  This has to align and bounce off of the selected passage from the Koran.  There should be some symmetrical reflection and divergence.   Finally, the same needs to be done with the sayings of Saadi.  I would think that thematic recognition might help here.  Perhaps, trying to find a theme of justice in each or of redemption or of the contrast between the spiritual and the mundane might help in this process.