Discuss the significance of the title to the event described in Wiesel’s memoir.I can kind of relate the events to the title, but i do not understand the significance of it.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like so much in Wiesel's work, there are many layers of analysis within this topic.  What I take away from it is that the title's reference can be connected to the poem that is featured when Eliezer enters the camp of Birkenau.  In the night sky, Eliezer sees some of the sights that end up haunting his consciousness, creating "one long night, seven times sealed."  There is a poem in this section that helps to bring out the meaning of the concept of "night" and how it plays into Eliezer's state of being during his experiences in the Holocaust.  The significance is revealed in this poem.  The idea of what was seen in that night and experienced thereafter ends up having tremendous implications on the rest of Eliezer's life.  From that night on, his faith in the things to which he professed absolute belief eroded in an incremental fashion.  The result of this was not only an abdication of these instances of faith, but a dehumanizing process that created a shell of a person, unrecognizable to him when he is liberated by the Allies.  In order to gain the full meaning, I would suggest reading the poem (link featured below) and keep in mind that what is experienced is at night, a literal frame for the symbolic that takes place.