Discuss the continued relevance of Hind Swaraj.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the Hind Swaraj is highly relevant, even if the context might have changed.  On one level, the material might not be applicable in discussing British rule.  Yet, Gandhi's ideas about "the struggle" and how political movements can be rooted in univeral notions of truth are extremely worthwhile.  The Tibetan struggle for freedom is one such context where Hind Swaraj is highly relevant.  Considering that the Dalai Lama is seen in much the same spiritual and political light as Gandhi was seen, there is much in way of relevance:

The book is the essence of his life-long experiment with truth and gives the correct diagnosis of the problem of humanity in modern times, the causes of it and also the effective remedy for it. Gandhi usually doesn’t care for consistency as he is always on the journey of experimentation of the truth but he did not find anything he mentioned in this book that needs to be revised even after more than two decades. It goes to show that the book carried matured findings of his persistent inquiries into the truth of human destiny.

While leaders such as the Dalai Lama search for poltical truth is a moral or ethical one, as well, their "journey of experimentation" is something that Gandhi outlined nearly a century ago.  The idea of a political struggle being something felt in one's soul, as part of one's identity, can even be seen in the most recent movements in the Middle East, where youth and protestors took to the streets and the social networking medium in order to express a political truth that was spiritual, as well.  In this light, the work is quite relevant.