Please describe a modern advertisement that contains elements of science fiction, if available online, please share the link.

Expert Answers
Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Science fiction contains certain common elements whether it is found in literature, movies, or advertising. Some of those elements include:

  1. a futuristic setting (either in time or place)
  2. a display of new technologies or scientific principles
  3. a new kind of society, government, or social system.

Along with these elements, the work usually offers commentary on the consequences of them. Both literature and movies offer the author or director plenty of time to create a futuristic world and explore the consequences; however, commercials generally only have a minute to do all of that. Effective advertisements are able to do that while selling their products.

One example of a modern (2008) commercial utilizing futuristic elements is an advertisement for a deodorant called Rexona (which I have linked below). In this spot, a man tries to go to work one morning but is forced to cope with a flurry of futuristic elements designed to stress him out: flying vehicles, a robot dog intent on biting him, a holographic car alarm, and a non-human boss. Despite these obstacles, the man remains calm and dry--all because of the deodorant which provides "future-ready protection."

This commercial creates a futuristic world which requires a new technology in deodorant in order for man to survive. This is a perfect example of futuristic advertising.

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