Discuss rural and urban life in india.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this is a fairly powerful question.  Indeed, there is a schism in rural and urban life and, to a great extent, modern India is going to have address this as it progresses into a globalized setting.  I think that in describing each, one has to examine some level of generalization.  Rural life is changing slowly to embrace more modes of modernity.  For example, cellular technology can be seen in many villages, along with dish satellites for television.  This is a far cry from a decade ago when it was fairly evident that when one entered village life, there was no sign of any technology.  There are still parts of this present in rural life in India, but it is changing.  By the same token, urban life is consisting of people who have come from villages, but are quickly adapting to the modern setting.  While one finds more examples of globalized conditions in the urban arena of India, I think that there is also more level of questioning on a personal and social level.  The urban realm is one where there is a eager embrace of Western values, a product of globalization. The challenge is how to navigate those traditional demands that are so evident in rural life, and ones that are quickly being challenged with the reality of the embrace of Western or other globalized values.  How do urban Indians, who are of the rural ilk and who understand identity as being composed as primarily of the rural setting, navigate through these dimensions in the urban setting?  The reality is that there are some aspects of India such as religious fervor or traditional norms or customs that will never go away.  Many of those in the rural settings are clear about this.  Those in the urban setting are finding challenges as to how to navigate these realities with those of the modern, globalized reality.