Discuss the role of two women characters in Sheridan's The School for Scandal.

vydak | Student

I find Lady Sneerwell and Lady Teazle the two ladies with the greatest roles in the play.

Lady Sneerwells influence on almost all the members of her school including Lady Teazle plays a rather great role in the play . It's at her drawing room were Joseph and Lady Teazle meet and this relationship of adultery creates the greatest scandal in the play. Lady teazle becomes a victim of scandal mongering laid by Lady Sneerwell, the attachement to Charles and LadyTeazle as laid by Lady Sneerwell causes a disruption in Lady Teazle's marriage to Sir Peter Teazle which disruption gives way to the relationship of Joseph and LadyTeazle

Lady Sneerwell plays a significant role of laying too much scandal regardless of her frioendship with her victims. Lady Teazle being a victim of scandal as well as a scandal mongerer herself plays a significant role too

kc4u | Student

I find Lady Sneerwell and Lady Teazle the two most actively engaged women in the intriguing comic plot of Sheridan's The School for Scandal. Both of them are typical comedy of manners personages, and both of them possess their respective idiosyncrasies.

Lady Sneerwell, true to her name, runs the scandal academy in her drawing room, where Lady Teazle is a frequenter in search of urban elite fantasies. Lady Sneerwell was once upon a time a victim of slandering, and now she happens to be the queen of scandal-mongering, ably assisted by her servant, Snake. Lady Teazle, a simple village woman married to Sir Peter Teazle, is the typical country wife allured by the slanderers, a victim who finally discovers her errors to find love and trust in her husband. Lady Sneerwell goes down to discomfiture and disclosure.


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