Discuss the role of storyteller as presented in "The Zebra Storyteller."

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Spencer Holst, the author of "The Zebra Storyteller," tells readers the exact role of a storyteller in the last lines of the text:

"He took a good look at the cat, and he didn’t know why, but there was something about his looks he didn’t like, so he kicked him with a hoof and killed him. That is the function of the storyteller."

In the story, a Siamese cat pretends to be a lion and goes around killing zebras. He speaks "inappropriate Zebraic." During one event, the cat comes across a zebra and speaks to it. The zebra is "fit to be tied," and the cat kills the zebra. The cat continues to kill many zebras, making neckties and belts from their hides.

The story then changes a little. It shifts focus...

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