Discuss the role and letters and written communication throughout the novel.Why did mary Shelley use this style as a part of her fantastic narrative?

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The form of novel Shelley used is called an epistolary novel. It allows Shelly the freedom to use three different narrators and thus give three different points of view about the events in the novel. Robert Walton, who begin the narration through letters to his sister, Margaret, is the most unbiased narrator and allows us to see a rather objective account of the action. He is the only witness to actually see Victor and the monster together. He is also the only one who really seems to learn something from Victor's tale. Victor is also able to tell his side of the story and from it we get a glimpse into both his motivation for creating the creature and the dismal aftermath caused by the monster. But the monster also is able to tell his story and we learn his feelings and motivations, as well. We learn how alone and deserted he felt, in addition to his sense of betrayal at the hands of Victor. So, Shelley has chosen a form which enables her to show three very different points of view in one story.

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