What was the role of industrialization in American history?

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Industrialization has had a huge impact on American history.  It has made us what we are today.  Let us look at a few things that it has done in our history.

  • Made us into one nation.  Industrialization has helped to tie every part of the country to every other part.  Railroads and roads have been built everywhere in the country as a result of industrialization.
  • It has made us a nation of immigrants.  Particularly since the 1880s, most immigrants coming to the US have come to work in the industrial cities.  This is what made America a melting pot.
  • It has made us an urban nation.  Where we were once a nation of rural farmers, we became a nation of people living in cities and working in industry.
  • It has made us rich and powerful.  Industry has been behind the rise of the United States.  It has made money for us and it has given us the weapons that have made us the strongest country in the world.

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