Discuss the role of the configuration control board (CCB) in the process of configuration control using the text Internet and/or your job as reference for full credit

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The configuration control board or configuration management board is responsible for making decisions that enhance the operational efficiency and usefulness of the network's ability to support an organization's business process. CCB is an integral part an organization's overall network strategy and is generally headed by the CIO and consists of members from various departments within the organization. 

The Configuration control is achieved by enforcing current operational policies and developing operational guidelines. To achieve these objectives, the CCB maintains the baseline and evaluates and approves (or disapproves) the proposed changes. The configuration baselines are created to ensure that services, platforms, systems and infrastructure meets the guidelines laid down in service design. This baseline is generally so detailed that the entire network can be recreated in case of a disaster. Operational characteristics of a network are altered by security update, hot fix, software upgrade, etc. The changes are constantly evaluated by the CCB to ensure that network is efficiently utilized and that the changes are in accordance to the contractual requirements.

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