What is the role or function of the Chorus in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex?

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The chorus in Oedipus Rex represents the Theban elders. The chorus's interest lies purely in protecting the city; and with this interest in mind, the chorus shows great respect and admiration for their king, Oedipus, and also great reverence for the gods. Also, with the interests of the city in mind, they serve the role of portraying a far greater understanding of humanity than Oedipus does.

In each ode, the chorus shows either great reverence for the gods or great respect for Oedipus. The chorus is well aware that the citizens of Thebes need the gods' protection in order to be healed from their current plague. The chorus portrays its belief in the gods' power and calls on the gods to use their power to heal the city, as we see...

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