Discuss the role of borrowing words from other languages in the development of modern English.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very interesting to look up the etymology of any English word and find out where it originated. In order to find out all of the different places that English words come from, one must look to history. First start with the who attacked and conquered England and then look to who England conquered. One could start with the Roman occupation of England, then move on to the Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, and of course in 1066 the start of the French language's influence on English when William the Conqueror took over England. Later, England occupied India and other Asian or African countries from which they picked up other words to apply to English. For a really fun way to learn about the different languages that have influenced English over time, check out the YouTube link below. It's called "The History of English" (in ten minutes). It's hilarious and informative at the same time. It's done by Open University. It also provides names and periods of time from which you could glean more ideas to continue your research. (FYI: It's also probably PG-13, so I only show bits and pieces of it to students).