Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

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Discuss Ricky Roma and Shelly Levene.

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When Shelly Levene comes into the office elated after having sold $82,000 worth of land to Bruce and Harriett Nyborg, Ricky Roma praises and flatters him, encouraging him to talk all he wants about how he closed the deal. The viewer believes Roma is sincere in his admiration of an older professional. However, Mamet plants one subtle clue in the dialogue between these men which should alert the viewer that Roma has an ulterior motive for giving Levene such attention and flattery.

Roma (To Levene): You were saying? (Pause) Come on. Come on, you were in the kitchen, you got the stats spread out, you're in your shirt-sleeves, you can smell it. Huh? Snap out of it, you're eating her crumb cake. (Pause)

Levene: I'm eating her crumb cake . . .

Roma: How was it . . . ?

Levene: From the store.

I think we have all had the...

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