Discuss the reversal of the positions of Macbeth's character in Act 3 :Scene 2.

samantha96 | Student

In Act 3, Scene 2 Macbeth finally begins to gain the control in his relationship with Lady Macbeth. Previously Lady Macbeth was manipulating Macbeth, questioning his masculinity to persuade him to kill the King in order to gain power, while Macbeth was voicing his fears and doubts of the plan. Early in the play Lady Macbeth seems to hold all the power in the relationship, while Macbeth follows what she says while expressing his deep remorse and guilt.

Although in this scene Lady Macbeth is the one reflecting on her unhappiness, while Macbeth subtely drops hints of his plan to murder Banquo but does not disclose any details when Lady Macbeth inquires. At this moment Macbeth appears to be more malicious and conniving than Lady Macbeth.