Discuss the representation of home in Wuthering Heights.    depiction of homes in Wuthering Heights & the wider importance of the domestic in the Victorian period.

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Bronte of course presents the homes and the environments within them in a very meticulous way in Wuthering Heights, particularly because the differences in the classes and their homes and property become very important in the action of the play.  She makes it clear how the Victorian values of strict obedience to parents and the unspoken rules about socialization between classes, even within relatively well-off households, played an important role in people's social lives and their feelings about themselves as well.

The inclusion of the various members of household staff are also an accurate representation of the domestic setting of many well-off homes in the Victorian period as all but the most humble homes had servants.  This is important too as it frees up the main characters to do their socializing and to worry about such things for a great majority of their days rather than the more "domestic" concerns of maintaining a household, etc.

Because of the lack of mundane concerns or worries about things such as how to make enough money, etc., the characters within her novels were able to focus almost entirely on their feelings and to ruminate over them at great length.