The Playboy of the Western World Questions and Answers
by J. M. Synge

The Playboy of the Western World book cover
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Discuss the relevance of "the Playboy" today in the drama The Playboy of the Western World written by J.M.Synge.

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Well i think that the words have different meanings from different times. When the villagers call Christy, "the playboy of the western world" they were championing him for his bravery in killing his father. In today's world, that wouldn't fit our current definintion of a playboy. What Christy becomes, in the middle of the play, however, does pretty much fit our definintion. He has ladies after him, he devotes all of his time to leisure and pleasure, which is the very definition of a playboy. THis of course changes towards the end of the play.

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