Discuss the relationship between Winston and Julia in 1984?

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Winston and Julia have a unique, loving relationship, which is prohibited and threatened in their dystopian society. Initially, Winston and Julia's affair is strictly physical, and Winston views their sexual relationship as a political act and a blow against the Party. However, Winston and Julia's relationship develops, and the two dissidents fall in love over the course of the story. Both characters feel a strong connection to each other and continue to risk their freedom and wellbeing by carrying on their secret affair.

Winston even rents an apartment above Mr. Charrington's shop, where he and Julia spend a significant amount of time enjoying each other's company. Julia even adopts Winston's philosophy towards Big Brother and travels with him to O'Brien's home to join the Brotherhood. The two characters also realize that their relationship will eventually result in their arrest and torture in the Ministry of Love, yet they refuse to abandon each other. Winston and Julia's love is displayed and emphasized by their promise to never betray each other in their hearts regardless of what they say in their forced confessions.

Tragically, the couple is arrested, and Winston is eventually tortured into betraying Julia in Room 101. The end of the novel is unsettling, as Winston and Julia are no longer in love, and all that is left in Winston's heart is adoration and reverence for Big Brother.

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To me, this is something of an unequal relationship.  I think that Winston is much more "in love" with Julia than she is with him.  She wants him only as a way to have physical pleasure and to hurt the Party.  He wants more of an emotional relationship.  I think that we can see this from the fact that she betrays him right away (she says) where he only betrays her when threatened in Room 101.

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