Discuss the relationship between science, religion, and political power in the world state.

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Each contributes forcibly in reducing the individual to a cookie-cutter replica of the "ideal" worker serving the state:

Scientific knowledge dopes up (or down) embryos to conform to the particular tasks attributed to them well before their birth. (For example, some of the workers are genetically altered to thrive in sweltering heat.) There is no family unit; people are "hatched" as products of the state.

Religion is replaced by "the feelies" where people got their kicks from orgie-like films stimulating all the senses and collectively experienced.

The World State has ultimate control of its citizens. People living outside "the system" are considered uneducated outcasts (and in fact, they are.) Society is structured into a very rigid caste system, encouraging conformity:

Only the Controllers of society, the ten elite rulers, have freedom of choice. Everyone else has been conditioned from the time they were embryos to accept unquestioningly all the values and beliefs of the carefully ordered society. Upper-class Alphas are allowed a little freedom because their higher intellect makes it harder for them to completely accept the rules of society. For example, they are occasionally allowed to travel to the Indian reservation to see how outsiders live. It is hoped that exposure to an “inferior” and “primitive” society will finally squelch any doubts about their own society’s superiority.

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