Discuss the changing relationship between Bono and Troy in Fences.  

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Bono and Troy's friendship serves as a type of juxtaposition technique in Wilson's play. Bono in some ways is Troy's foil. Where Troy is charismatic, Bono is mild-mannered. We see this in the opening scene of the play when Troy is dramatically telling his story about wrestling death and Bono and Rose sit and listen, excusing Troy's exaggeration. Bono is amused by Troy's story, but to Troy, it is the story of his greatest struggles, further exemplifying their different outlooks on life. Bono take things simply and easily. Troy takes things hard and personally.

Where Troy is ambitious, Bono is humble. Troy wants to be a driver for the sanitation department, but Bono is satisfied riding the back of the truck. He doesn't particularly care for the work, it seems, but he isn't in a frenzy over getting a promotion like Troy seems to be. He tamely reminds Troy that colored men don't drive the trucks and that Troy doesn't even have a license to drive, but Troy cannot accept his own limitations, and...

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