Discuss the reasons that the different gang members fight. Thanks! (:No, and thanks in advance. :)

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The Greasers fight the Socs because of what they have and in many ways take for granted.  The Socs have nice cars, the nice homes, nice clothes, and everything that the Greasers don't have.  They are the social group that will have the opportunity to go on to college and do not have to live and work to survive.  The Greasers are identified as the law breakers. There is resentment and a social line that divides them economically that has led to bitterness and anger. 

The Greasers are the reflection of social failure to the Socs.  They loathe their lifestyle, the way they dress, and identify them as no good and a waste.  They are an easy target because they are not accepted and are relatively powerless in society, because they are the lower income population.  In the Greasers they have an outlet for their own issues and problems.  The Greasers serve as whipping boys for the Socs.

The book inexplicitly states that one of the main reasons that each group fights one another is because they don't know or understand one another.  Prejudice and conflict arise for ignorance.  The first steps are taken by Pony Boy and Cherry when they begin to share stories about their lives.  Later, Pony Boy talks with a male Soc and starts to learn more about their feelings.

 Bob, the Soc fights because it fills a void for him.  He is spoiled and arrogant.  He has never been told he can't do something.  His parents always cover for him.

Pony Boy fights because he ahs grown up with his brthers in the gang.  He wants to be like his brothers.

Johnny fights because the Greasers are his family.

Dallas fights because he has so much inner anger that he needs an outlet for it.


manitxps | Student

all of the above except the second anser

lly34 | Student

Bob, the Soc fights because it feels good

Pony Boy fights because he wants to follow his brother.he is jux a copycat

Johnny fights because the Greasers are his family.

Dallas fights because he wants to vent his anger :)

ho[e u like it :)

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