Discuss the pursuit of immortality in Homer's Iliad and The Odyssey. How does the Greek attitude of death and immortality change or stay the same throughout the works? Quotes are extremly valuable.

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Although in Greek mythology immortality is a preserve of the gods and goddesses, human beings also have an opportunity to achieve immortal status. Human beings can achieve the status by demonstrating qualities of courage. Most warriors who go into battle in the Iliad and Odyssey hope to achieve glory on the battlefield. They are not afraid of death, because the idea of having their names remembered forever motivates them. Thus, through battle, they earn their immortality. Greek heroes such as Achilles and Ajax manage to achieve the status during the Trojan War. However, their immortality is restricted to their deeds and not their physical selves because according to Greek mythology, human beings and demigods are subject to death.

But you, Achilles,
there’s not a man in the world more blest than you—
there never has been, never will be one. (Conversation between Achilles and Odysseus in the underworld)

A different way that human beings can achieve immortality is if the status is conferred...

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