Discuss the presentation of the theme of death in the novel Persuasion by Jane Austen.

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Death is rebirth, as portrayed by Austen in Persuasion. It is through both literal and figurative deaths that the characters gain new opportunities to achieve success and happiness. Beginning with the protagonist, Anne, readers see that the "death" of her old life at Kellynch Hall is really the beginning of her path to rediscover Captain Wentworth and have a rebirth of their relationship. Had she not been staying with the Musgroves and then living in Bath, Anne would not have crossed paths with him in a manner to bring about reconciliation.

That reconciliation was helped along by the near death of Louisa. When Louisa suffered injury, Captain Wentworth relied on Anne, and was reminded of Anne's superior qualities. This was instrumental in understanding the danger of his mistaken pride, and in seeing the situation rationally and accepting that his feelings for her were unabated. For Louisa herself, this near death experience "reborn" her to a more sedate and serious woman, causing her to fall in love with and accept the hand of Captain Benwick.

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